Aims of CECA

The Committee for Education and Cultural Action aims 

  • To promote the development of museum education and cultural action.
  • To provide an international forum for information exchange and co-operation between professionals, museums and related institutions in order to develop the field of education and cultural action, to discuss its problems and to foresee its evolution.
  • To formulate and carry out a program of activities for its members.
  • To encourage scientific research.
  • To facilitate the dissemination of knowledge, define and uphold high professional standards.
  • To contribute to the development as well as to the implementation of ICOM’s philosophy and program.
  • To support ICOM’s efforts to improve the educational and cultural relationship of the museum world with the public.
  • To provide advice to ICOM on issues in education and cultural action.
  • To cooperate with National and International Committees as well as with ICOM’s Regional Organizations to promote or improve education and cultural action across the world.