How to join us

How do I become a member of CECA?
First, you need to join ICOM and then you need to ask to become a voting member of CECA.

1) Joining ICOM
Application forms can be obtained from the National Committee of your country or please contact the ICOM Secretariat as follows:

ICOM Secretariat
Maison de l’UNESCO
1, rue de Miollis,
75732 Paris Cedex 15, France
Tel: +33 0 1 47 34 05 00
Fax: +33 0 1 43 06 78 62

You must return your application form to the National Committee of your country, as the Membership Service of the ICOM Secretariat is not allowed to process any application without the consent of the relevant National Committee. Only if there is no National Committee in your country, ask for an application form directly to the ICOM Secretariat and then return your application to the Membership Service of the ICOM Secretariat in Paris.
Membership is annual and is dated back to the beginning of the current calendar year.

2) Becoming a voting member of CECA
If you are not already a member of ICOM, write clearly on the application form that you wish to be considered as a voting member of CECA. If you are already a member of ICOM, send the following message to the ICOM Secretariat: I am a member of ICOM and wish to become a voting member of CECA or, if it is the case: ‘…change my voting choice to CECA’. Please do not forget to add the date, your name, and your ICOM membership number. There is no additional fee to your ICOM membership to join CECA.

ICOM is now using a new database for its membership information, offering a personal membership space for every member.

So please do enter your personal space and make sure, that CECA is listed as your international committee!
This is important in order to have you listed as voting member, and also to count as member for the annual budget CECA gets from ICOM, based on the membership numbers.

How to check your membership status

  1.  first find the email all ICOM members received on August 31, 2017
    Subject title ‘Welcome in your ICOM personal space’, was sent by “”<>. Here you find you username and the link to change your password. Please do so, if you did not do it yet.
  2. After changing your password, follow the link in the same email (dating August 31.) to link to ICOMMUNITY . Do login with your username and your password.
  3. Click on the label ‘My ICOM committees’. Is there anything written behind ‘International committee’? If not: you have to click on “edit my personal information” first, and then you can use the drop-down box, use the drop-down list and tick CECA – Education & Cultural Action.