Protocol and timetable

Join, support, complete the CECA Board

Apply: February 10 – June 10, 2022
Vote: June 15-30, 2022

A new Board of Directors is elected every three years on the occasion of the triennial conference of ICOM.
Members of CECA who are interested in collaborating with the Board are invited to apply.
All CECA members are invited to vote to elect the members who will represent them on this international committee, one of the most numerous and active of ICOM.

2022 Elections Protocol and Timetable

A new Board of Directors is elected every three years at the ICOM Triennial Conference.
In the year leading up to the ICOM Triennial Conference, an Elections Task Force team is appointed.

The Elections 2022 team consists of :

  • Zeljka Jelavic, responsible for elections and member of the CECA Board, who will not stand for the next elections.
  • Anne Marie Emond, CECA Secretary
  • Nelly Abboud , CECA’s social media coordinator

This task force is assisted by some members for the electronic voting system.

All the work of the Elections Task Force team is overseen by three members of the CECA, who are NOT members of the Board of Directors and are not candidates for the new board. At least one of these members must be new to the role.

The Head Election will choose two members who will be observers.
She is responsible for the inclusion of these members in the communication about the elections. These are neutral members of the CECA who have no direct link with the candidates. They are added to the communication cc. of the elections working team, from the beginning of the electoral process.
They also send their comments whenever they consider it appropriate.
They will write a short report to accompany the election report.

The Bureau consists of thirteen members:
a president and twelve other members, from which the board selects the secretary, the treasurer, five regional coordinators, the website coordinator and any other necessary functions.
<Roles and tasks>  

For certain tasks that require particular expertise and/or continuity, and to cover the many tasks to be carried out in a large committee such as the CECA, the Board may add so-called co-opted members.
The number and functions of these members depend on the decision of the President, who takes the advice of the Bureau. The President presents his proposal for co-opted CECA members directly after the installation of the new Bureau at the CECA General Conference.

Procedural calendar

The voting procedure includes the following steps

► Step 1 / Nomination  of candidates
10 February . 10 June 2022
Nomination form available here as a Word document.
<Nomination Form PDF>
<Nomination Form Word>

All members are informed and invited to stand for a position on the Board within the specific deadline for applications.
All members are requested to ensure that they are up to date with their membership fees, and  registered as CECA members (ICOM membership number required, and a copy of the card with the 2022 sticker), in order to be able to stand and vote.
In case you are not sure check your status at ICOM member space. <>
Please note: regular board members’ can indicate in the nomination form which functions in the Board they are interested in by choosing their 1st., 2nd. and 3rd. preference. BUT it is decided in the new board how tasks will be divided – (so you cannot apply as e.g.  regional coordinator, you can only choose it as 1st preference and describe in your open text why you would like to carry out this function).

Applications can be sent electronically to Zeljka responsible for elections <>
10 June 2022 Closing date for applications

Step 2 / Call for a vote and vote
15 – 30 June 2022
All members receive a call to vote. They receive a link by email to vote electronically to the voting page of the CECA website. All information on the candidates and the voting procedure is available on the CECA website. Each member can vote only once.

► Step 3 / Counting of votes
First half of July
The head of the electoral commission verifies the validity of the votes and communicates the results of the valid votes to the CECA Board and the candidates. The results of the vote and the new CECA Board are presented to the members through the usual communication channels.

► Step 4 / Installing the new Board
During the CECA General Conference (20-25 August) Formal installation of the new CECA Board. Approval of the proposed co-opted members