What are special interests groups?

CECA is setting up  “Special Interest Groups”.
The purpose of this initiative is multiple:

  • Encourage joint reflection among our members throughout the year and not only at the annual conference
  • Increase the interactivity of our annual meetings by including discussion groups based on the group’s work and exchanges during the year
  • Possibly allow members who could not attend the annual conferences to participate remotely in a focus group on a topic of interest to them.
  • Identify specific skills around certain topics in order to enrich our training offer during regional workshops

Themes presently ready to be launched :
The groups are starting to work and some have provided an initial vision of the theme they will deal with, while others are in the process of collecting suggestions from the CECA network.

  • Professional development of museum educators – Coordinator : Wencke Maderbacher (wencke.maderbacher[at]yahoo.de).
  • Surveying audience reception of educational and cultural programme – Coordinators : Anne Jonchery (anne.jonchery[at]culture.gouv.fr), Marie pierre Bera Delaporte (marie-pierre.delaporte[at]mahj.org), Jean-François Leclerc (muzeumexpert[at]gmail.com).
  • Learning and engaging digitally – Coordinators: Areti Damala, (areti.damala[at]gmail.com), Angela Manders  (angela.manders[at]xs4all.nl) .
  • Inclusive museum, global accessibility – Coordinators:  Raffaella Russo Ricci <r.russo.ricci[at]orange.fr>, Paolo Cuica <paulocuica[at]gmail.com> & <paulocuica[at]egeac.pt>.
  • Museum Education and Decolonization – CECA LAC – Coordinators: Silvana Lovay <sillovay[at]gmail.com>,  Fernanda Venegas <fernandavenegas.a[at]gmail.com>, Paola Araiza <ab_paola[at]yahoo.com.mx>.

We can imagine multiple other themes:
If you are interrested in joining one of the existing groups, contact the coordinator.

From the Leuven 2021 conference, there will be time for exchanges and discussions on the various themes.

Due to the cancellation of the 2020 conference, the Special Interest Groups will serve more specifically as a platform for exchange and collaboration between CECA members.
If you are interested in participating in the discussions around one of the themes, please contact the coordinator of that theme. It will integrate you in a first online working group.
Opportunities for exchange with the rest of the CECA members will then be offered according to technical arrangements and a timetable specific to each group, but allowing participation in the work of several groups if so desired.
Presentations at the next conference in 2021 will be planned and discussed with the participants.
This work may lead to publications.