Best Practice Award

General Presentation
This prize was initially organized for these reasons :

  • Establish a common language among CECA members worldwide so that it is easier for them to share their experiences.
  • To promote the comparison of programs organized all over the world, so that CECA members can more easily integrate exogenous ideas into their own work.
  • Disseminate the programs presented by CECA members throughout the museum community in such a way that they can inspire all professionals in the field.


This year 2024, the top three programs will again receive this award, based on the criteria presented below. The winners will be offered the opportunity to participate in the annual CECA Conference in 2024 (Athens, 14 to 18 October). The registration fee for the conference and a contribution of 400 euros for their accommodation will be covered by CECA. (Please note that transport costs will not be covered).

As in previous editions, these three programs will be published. But there will also be other high-quality programs presented that can be included in “Best Practice 12, A tool to improve museum education internationally”.

Aspect Score
Response to the Best Practice document Max. 100

Program design and planning (max 60)
In particular, the following:
Objectives (max 10), relevance criteria (max 20), resources (max 5), collaborations (max 5), materials (max 10) and mediation methods (max 10).
Implementation of the program(max 20),specifically:
The preparation (max 10), the implementation (max 10).
Studies, evaluation and remediation of the program (max 20) including in particular: accompanying studies (max 5), outcome evaluation studies (max 10) and remediation prospects (max 5). 
TOTAL Max.100


“Guide to participating in the prize”

The prize is intended exclusively for members of CECA (Board members are excluded) and represents an additional advantage to membership of the Committee.
To confirm their membership of the CECA, either in their personal capacity or through their institution (ICOM/CECA institutional member), each candidate must attach to their application:

  • A digital photocopy of their ICOM card with the 2024 sticker
  • The digitized receipt of the payment of his rights

To participate, members must complete an application form in accordance with the application procedures. The form must be completed electronically and sent exclusively to Margarita Laraignée, Responsible for the Best Practice Award: margaritalaraignee(at) no later than May 17, 2024.
Late applications will not be accepted, nor will applications that do not meet the criteria described above.

An international jury, chaired by Marie-Clarté O’Neill, President of CECA and composed of a member of the Board and previous winners of the Best Practice Award, will evaluate the submitted projects All projects will be subject to a double evaluation.

The following table presents the entire calendar:

Sending of the application form by the candidates

No later, May 17, 2024

The international jury meets online and evaluates the programs

7-10 June 2023

The international jury publishes the result of the competition

As of 11 June 2023

The selected members send the articles

19 July 2023

Thank you for your attention to this message and good luck!

Marie-Clarté O’Neill
President ICOM – CECA

BP Award Details 2024
BP Application Form 2024 – PDF
BP Application Form 2024 – Word