Overall functions

Marie-Clarte O’Neill
E: oneillmarieclarte[at]gmail.com
Languages : french, english, spanish, italian

Anne-Marie Émond
Secretary and Treasurer
E: anne-marie.emond[at]umontreal.ca
Languages : french, english

Jorge Albuja
Young Members Coordinator (Scholarships, CECA Young Members Club)
E: jorge.albuja4[at]gmail.com
Languages: Spanish, English

Marie-Françoise Delval
Webmaster, and in charge of the CECA members’ database for IRIS
Langues : french

Colette Dufresne-Tassé
Delegate for Research
Languages : french, spanish, english

Nicole Gesché-Koning
Publications Coordinator
E: ngesche[at]me.com
Languages: French, English, Spanish

Marina Gross-Hoy
English text editor
E: gross-hoy.marina[at]courrier.uqam.ca
Languages: English, French

Rosa María Hervás Avilés
Coordinator for Research
Languages: spanish, french

Margarita Laraignée
Awards and Best Practice Publication Coordinator – Review of Spanish texts
E: margaritalaraignee[at]gmail.com
Languages: Spanish, Italian, French, English

Angela Manders
Newsletter Coordinator
E: Angela.manders[at]xs4all.nl
Languages: English, French, German, Dutch

Sylvie Savare
coordinator of the CECA social networks
E: s.savare[at]wanadoo.fr