Members elected for 2022-2025

As there were not enough candidates for the number of positions to be filled, there was no vote but recognition by acclamation of the new Board at the off-site meeting of the General Conference in Prague.

10 members of the former board were re-elected.
2 new candidates were elected.
2 members were co-opted.

  • Marie-Clarte O’Neill, President, France.
  • Anne-Marie Émond, Secretary and Treasurer, Canada.
  • Nelly Abboud, Lebanon.
  • Asmah Alias, Singapore.
  • Marie-Françoise Delval, France.
  • Rosa María Hervás Avilés, Spain.
  • Margarita Laraignée, Argentina.
  • Silvana M. Lovay, Argentina.
  • Wencke Maderbacher, Denmark.
  • Angela Manders, The Netherlands.
  • Jorge Albuja, Ecuador.
  • Marina Gross-Hoy, USA.

Apart from the election, 2 CECA members were co-opted:

  • Colette Dufresne-Tassé, Canada.
  • Nicole Geshé König, Belgium.