How to join us

How to become a member of CECA?

You need:

  • first, to become a member of ICOM,
  • and then apply to become a voting member of CECA.

Procedure for becoming a member of ICOM:
To become a member of ICOM, you must apply to the National Committee of your country. An application form is usually downloadable from the website of each committee, or sent by its secretariat.

Directory of National Committees:
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If a country does not have an ICOM National Committee, the ICOM Secretariat should be contacted directly:
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If the committee accepts and validates the application, the new member receives an ICOM card with an identification number.
The member must also pay a membership fee every year. He then receives a sticker with the indication of the current year, which he sticks on his card forvalidate it.

Information on how to become a member, on the ICOM website:

Another possibility to choose or change the International Committee: the IRIS database.

By becoming a member of ICOM, the National Committee Secretariat communicates to the member his or her identifiers to enable him or her to connect to the IRIS computer database of ICOM members.
Each member can thus access his personal file, to check, modify and update it. He can therefore choose the International Committee of his choice, like CECA if he wishes.

To access this IRIS database, there are 3 possible paths:

1 / Go to the ICOM website <>.

  • On the home page, top right, click on “Log in”.
  • In the identification form, type your login in “username”, and your password.
  • To obtain a new password (or if it is forgotten), click on “Forgotten password?”. The member will receive a link to change the password by email.

or 2 / Go to the website of the National Committee
Do the same manipulation as for the ICOM site.

or 3 / Go to the CECA website
At the top, click on : “icom member access”.
Do the same manipulation as for the ICOM site.

Other information on the IRIS basis of ICOM members

If the National Committee has chosen to be a NON-IRIS committee, its members can only change their email address and their International Committees, the main IC and the IC of interest.
If the National Committee has chosen to be an IRIS committee, its members can modify all the data in their file, except the National Committee, the membership category, the institution and the country of membership.

Personal space / Member space

The identifiers also give access to a members’ area which allows you to have more information about ICOM (than on its public site) and to publish.