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Research for CULT Committee – Education in Cultural Heritage

After a résumé of basic definitions this work aims at recommending to the CULT committee how, in order to contribute to sustainable development, cultural heritage and education should be integrated into an inclusive, horizontal and lifelong learning approach. It is highly recommended having cultural heritage at the very core of education and not as a stopgap and seeing education more deeply rooted in cultural heritage through adequate and efficient mutual long-term partnership policies.
Research for CULT Committee – Education in Cultural Heritage

Free download: CULT Committee Education

Education Toolkit

Methods and techniques from museum and heritage education by: Arja van Veldhuizen

As an educator in a museum or other heritage organization, it’s useful to have a toolkit filled with a wide range of methods and good practices that you can draw upon when you need them. This Education Toolkit contains compact descriptions of 18 different techniques. Each method is illustrated with a lively cartoon and includes “do’s & dont’s” and practical examples.

The booklet is also available in French and Dutch [view online]. A Spanish translation is currently prepared and the Georgian version is made, but currently not available online.

French link to toolkit
Dutch link to toolkit

Download: Education_toolkit