General Assembly 2021

The CECA Board is pleased to announce that this year the CECA General Meeting will take place online via Zoom on Saturday, December 11th at 3:00 pm Paris, GMT+2.

Last year was our first virtual CECA General Meeting. And, as many of you know, running a large, online convening poses real technical challenges. For example, we are a very large and mighty group (around 3,000 CECA members worldwide). However, the Zoom platform only allows a maximum of 300 participants to join. Please register as soon as possible to reserve your space. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we work to conduct a successful and effective virtual CECA General Meeting.

To register for the 2021 CECA General Meeting complete the Google Form below no later than November 29th, 2021.

If you have any questions, please email us at icomceca[at] using the subject “CECA General Meeting”. We look forward to connecting with you at the General Meeting!

Jeanine Pollard and Nelly Abboud
CECA Board Members

General Assembly 2021: minutes and activity reports

Reports to describe CECA’s many meaningful activities over the past year.

  • Presidency – Marie-Clarté O’neil <Read>
  • Secretary-Treasurer – Anne-Marie Émond <Read>
  • ICOM-CECA website – Marie-Françoise Delval, Angela Manders <Read>
  • Regional coordinator for Middle East and Maghreb, and Coordinator Social Media – Nelly Abboud <Read>
  • Europe Regional Coordinator  – Wencke Maderbacher <Read>
  • Latin America and Caraïbes Regional Coordinator – Silvana M. Lovay <Read>
  • North America Regional Coordinator – Jeanine Pollard <Read>
  • Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator  – Asmah Alias <Read>
  • Communication – Best Practice Award – Margarita Laraignée <Read>
  • Research activities – Colette Dufresne-Tassé,  Rosa María Hervás Avilés <Read>
  • Editor of ICOM Education – Stéphanie Wintzerith <Read>


SIG Special Interest Groups

  • Professional development of museum educators – Coordinator : Wencke Maderbacher <Read>
  • Surveying audience reception of educational and cultural programme – Coordinators : Anne Jonchery, Marie pierre Bera Delaporte, Jean-François Leclerc <Read>
  • Learning and engaging digitally – Coordinators: Areti Damala, Angela Manders <Read>
  • Inclusive museum, global accessibility – Coordinators: Raffaella Russo Ricci, Paolo Cuica <Read>
  • Museum Education and Decolonization – CECA LAC – Coordinators: Silvana Lovay, Fernanda Venegas, Paola Araiza <Read>