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March 3, 2024

Participation in the CECA Young Members Award 2024

►► Criteria and guidelines for submitting the Young Member Award Video.

Who can submit for the Young Members award:

  • Young ICOM-CECA members under 36
  • Who have attended at least 2 Young Members Network-meetings

When to submit for the award: deadline is 2 July 2024
Results Award winner: around 15 august 2024

What to submit:

  • A video on museum education they have worked on.
  • The video should be about ONE museum education program or initiative.
  • The program contributes to sustainable development practice in museum education and visitor participation

How to submit te video: send via WeTransfer or e-mail to Angela Manders <ceca[at]>

Conditions to presentation:

  • In MP4 format, horizontal 16:9
  • Duration should not exceed 5 minutes
  • The sound must be clear, without distracting background noises. You must be able to
    understand the speaker well.
  • The presentation must be presented and subtitled in at least one of the official languages of ICOM. If you present in your ‘own’ language, choose English, French or Spanish for the subtitles. If you present in one of the ICOM languages, for example English, choose French or Spanish for the subtitles.
  • Images or videos of the program can help support the presentation

Topic: Sustainable development practice in museum education and visitor participation
So what are we talking about? The project contributes sustainably to one of three categories :

  • Social connection and personal development
  • Environment and local surroundings
  • Conservation and management of our heritage

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