What are special interests groups?

CECA is setting up  «  Special interest groups”.
The purpose of this initiative is multiple:

  • Encourage joint reflection among our members throughout the year and not only at the annual conference
  • Increase the interactivity of our annual meetings by including discussion groups based on the group’s work and exchanges during the year
  • Possibly allow members who could not attend the annual conferences to participate remotely in a focus group on a topic of interest to them.
  • Identify specific skills around certain topics in order to enrich our training offer during regional workshops

4 themes are presently ready to be launched :

  • Cultural tourism Coordinator : Frederike van Ouwerkerk  (ouwerkerk.f at nhtv.nl or Ouwerkerk.F at buas.nl)
  • Professional development of museum educators, Coordinator : Wencke Maderbacher (wencke.maderbacher at yahoo.de)
  • Surveying audience reception of educational and cultural programme, Coordinators : Anne Jonchery (anne.jonchery at culture.gouv.fr), Raffaella Russo Ricci ( raffaella.ricci at mahj.org),  Marie pierre Bera Delaporte (marie-pierre.delaporte at mahj.org)
  • New technologies applied to museums, Coordinator : Areti Damala, (areti.damala at gmail.com)

We can imagine multiple other themes:

  • On types of audiences (communities, disabled, museotherapy, etc.)
  • On mediation tools (workshops, oral mediation, etc.)
  • On professional themes (conservation/education collaboration, educational dimension of exhibitions, etc.)

If you are interrested in joining one of the existing groups, contact the coordinator

If you are interrested in creating a new Special Interest Group, contact Marie-Clarté O’Neill oneillmarieclarte at gmail.com

From the Leuven 2020 conference onwards, there will be time for exchanges and discussions on the various themes.