General Assembly Minutes

Meetings of the CECA General Assembly are held each year at the annual conference. This page contains the minutes from previous meetings, available to download. We apologise to our French and Spanish speaking members that these are only available in English, as the meetings are held in English and the minutes are not translated.

CECA General Assembly 2020 Documents :

  • Minutes AG 2020 <Read>
  • Agenda <Read>
  • Presidency – Marie-Clarté O’neil <Read>
  • Secretary-Treasurer – Anne-Marie Émond <Read>
  • ICOM-CECA website – Marie-Françoise Delval, Angela Manders <Read>
  • Regional coordinator for Middle East and Maghreb, and Coordinator Social Media – Nelly Abboud <Read>
  • Europe Regional Coordinator  – Wencke Maderbacher <Read>
  • Latin America and Caraïbes Regional Coordinator – Silvana M. Lovay <Read>
  • North America Regional Coordinator – Jeanine Pollard <Read>
  • Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator  – Asmah Alias <Read>
  • Communication – Best Practice Award – Margarita Laraignée <Read>
  • Research activities – Colette Dufresne-Tassé,  Rosa María Hervás Avilés <Read>
  • Editor of ICOM Education – Stéphanie Wintzerith <Read>

CECA General Assembly 2019 Documents:

General Assembly 2018 documents

Minutes CECA General Assembly 2018.

CECA General Assembly 2018 Agenda

President Report 2018 

Secretary’s Report 2018

Administrative Affairs Report 2018 

USA Regional Report 2018

Canada Regional Report 2018


Asia-Pacific Regional Report 2018

iCOM ceca europe rfinaleport

Social Media Report 2018

Best Practice REPORT 2018



Special projects report_CECA Board 2018

General Assembly 2017 documents

CECA General Assembly 2017 Agenda

South America Regional Report

Asia-Pacific Regional Report

Europe Regional Report

Web and Social Media Report

CECA Best Practice Report

Professional Development Report

Research Network Report

Cultural Action Report

Africa Regional Report

Pre-conference workshops 2017, Tower of London

General Assembly 2016 documents

CECA General Assembly 2016 Agenda

CECA President’s report

CECA Secretary’s report

CECA Best Practice report
Professional development report
North America report
Latin America and the Caribbean report
European report
Asia-Pacific Regional Report 2016
2016 Report of delegate to research

Report of Coordinator for international relations and conferences

Minutes of General Assembly 2017

Minutes of General Assembly 2015

Minutes of General Assembly 2014

Minutes of General Assembly 2013

Minutes of General Assembly 2012

Minutes of General Assembly 2011

Minutes of General Assembly 2010

Minutes of General Assembly 2009

Minutes of General Assembly 2008

Minutes of General Assembly 2007

Minutes of General Assembly 2006